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Art And Design Evening Classes Return to EIT

March 5, 2012

Screen-printing provides an opportunity for working with vibrant paint colours.

Demand for night classes and weekend workshops in arts and design has prompted their return to EIT.

School of Arts and Design Adult Community Education (ACE) coordinator Adele Vukula has been swamped with inquiries over the past 18 months. 

“So many people are keen to learn the basics of arts and design because they are useful skills in everyday life,” Adele says. “So we simply had to revive them this year.”

Twelve arts and design workshops are on offer, plus 10 weekend workshops in flax weaving.

“Topics include some of the old favourites, including creative drawing, painting, screen-printing, photography, Photoshop, InDesign and an introduction to screen production.

“We are also reviving courses in interior design and soft furnishings, and will run new workshops for etching, jewellery-making and The Business of Being an Artist.”

As well as the arts and design classes, weaving workshops will be offered once a month.  Each will focus on a different topic, and over the course of the year students will learn to make a range of harakeke including putiputi (flax flowers), whariki (mats), kai kete (food baskets) and kete pikau (backpacks),

The workshops are designed at an introductory level and will slowly build through the year.

Head of the Arts and Design School Dr Suzette Major is excited to see the return of these night classes.

“The school will be full,” she says. “It’s a great way to reach out to the local community.  ACE courses are hugely subsidised, making them as accessible as possible for anyone wanting to learn or develop creative skills.

“I look forward to seeing the school pumping – not only during the day but also in the evenings and weekends.”