Te Ara Pourewa: Graduate Diploma in Heritage and Museum Studies

Study Options

Full-time, Part-time


1 year


Level 7


Te Ara Pourewa seeks to increase heritage and museum expertise – particularly Māori, for the protection, preservation and elevation of taonga Māori.

Te Ara Pourewa – Graduate Diploma in Heritage and Museum Practice prepares graduates of degree in Māori studies, art and design, social studies and other related areas for a career in this sector as well as employment in the wider sector including iwi organisations, Government departments, education, heritage organisations, libraries and galleries.

Graduates will have acquired theoretical and practical knowledge that support lifelong learning unique to the heritage sector of Aotearoa/New Zealand.

This will influence the future care, protection of taonga māori in Aotearoa/New Zealand while contributing to the future of indigenous Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Students may study part-time or full-time.





A person is eligible to apply for entry who:

  • Has an undergraduate degree, preferably in te reo Māori, visual art and design, Māori traditional and contemporary arts, Māori media studies, social sciences, although applicants with undergraduate degrees in other disciplines will be considered; or
  • Is able to demonstrate equivalent educational and/or professional experience. 

English Language Entry Requirement

Any applicant, whose first language is not English, may be required to undertake an IELTS test to demonstrate they have attained an acceptable level of English language fluency to succeed on the programme. If required, the minimum IELTS score specified for entry is 6.5 in all academic bands.

Entry with credit

Applicants may be admitted with credit transfer or recognition of prior learning.

The Programme Cluster Committee shall have discretion in the granting of academic credit.

Academic credit may be awarded as:

  • Specified credit where there is a substantial match between previous learning and the Te Ara Pourewa course(s) for which academic credit is sought;
  • Cross credit of course(s) at NZQA level 7 which are relevant to Te Ara Pourewa: Graduate Diploma in Heritage and Museum Studies unless they are from the degree used as entry to this programme.
  • The Programme Cluster Committee may grant credit, however, credit granted shall not exceed one-half of the total programme credits.


Te Ara Tū-ā-uri: Learning the legacy-Research and Output
Te Ara Tū-Aronui: Unpacking the Present-The Assembly of Relationships
Te Ara Tū-ātea: Walking into Reality-Economic and Commercial Entity and Impact