EIT is the hub of educational leadership in the Hawke’s Bay. If you are interested in studying to strive for excellence in education, take a look at the teaching and education programmes on offer.

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Bachelor of Teaching (Primary)

With this degree you'll gain comprehensive knowledge of New Zealand's school curriculum and the skills required to manage students in a range of socially diverse settings, while adhering to the policies and procedures of the education system.

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Maddy Shuker03

Madeleine Shuker, Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) Graduate

I chose EIT not only because of the Year 13 study grant but also because it has an internationally reputable degree and is a very field-based programme.  I hope to make a valued contribution to society and to have a positive impact on the children I teach. EIT was the best decision I made to guarantee me a bright future.

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emily nelson

Dr Emily Nelson

I have 25 years experience as an educator within the primary education sector.  This includes roles as a classroom teacher, teacher educator, inservice teacher development facilitator, teacher coach and researcher.  I am currently working to complete my PhD at University of Waikato.  My thesis explores how power influences student and teacher possibilities for action within classroom-based student voice initiatives.

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Student mentoring programmes to support the learning development of all students.

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Enacting Student Voice through Governance Partnerships in the Classroom: 

Rupture of the Ordinary for Radical Practice


Student voice is a construct that has come to mean many things to many people. In this article the author is interested in forms of student voice practice that generate a shift in status for students, from passive recipients of schooling to governance partners with teachers in the classroom.

She argues that governance partnerships that include students in joint pedagogical decision-making in the classroom embody the radical intent of student voice, which is to disrupt educational hierarchies and generate roles of influence for students.

Within an educational context where student voice can mean almost anything – so is in danger of meaning very little – governance partnerships disrupt the ordinary as a starting point for radical practice.

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